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Immutable Storage.
Data Protect. & Compliance.

Splentec provides an Immutable Storage Solutions that prevents unauthorized deletion and tampering of data.

Security & Compliance

Flexibility & Compatibility

Linux based & Easy to use

With the Immutable Storage, Your Data is 100% Safe

Data stored in Immutable Storage can be given a retention period, and cannot be deleted or modified before the expiration of the retention period. Data stored in Immutable Storage can be protected from malicious software, including Ransomware, and data required for compliance, such as GDPR, can be preserved in accordance with legal regulations.


What We Offer

We provide various Immutable Storage solutions based on Linux OS using our differentiated technology to prevent unauthorized deletion and tampering of data.

Immutable XFS.png

Immutable Linux File System

It is a solution that enables you to protect data by creating Immutable XFS on Rocky Linux 8

Immutable NAS OS.png

Linux Based Immutable NAS OS

It is a full-featured NAS OS that provides functions such as HA and remote replication, and also Immutable Storage function with sufficient features. This OS can be installed on most servers with x86 architecture. 

- Will be released soon -

Virtual Appliance.png

Immutable NAS OS Virtual Appliance

It is a Virtual Appliance that provides the ability to operate Immutable NAS OS on vSphere, Xen, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, and KVM-based virtual machines.

- Will be released soon -

보안 백업.png

Backup Utility for Immutable Storage

It is a specialized backup solution that provides the function of backing up data to Immutable Storage to protect backup data from ransomware.

- Will be release soon -

Security & Compliance, by Immutability

In the age of the data economy where value is created from data, ensuring data integrity and safe preservation of data are the most important factors. Immutable Storage Technology is the optimal solution for this.



NAS compatible
File Sharing



Trusted Among Industry Leaders

More than 500 customers are using Splentec's Immutable Storage Solutions across all industries, including public, financial, and manufacturing sectors.


What Our Clients Say

"Recently, ransomware infections are rapidly increasing in the manufacturing sector. It infects the backup server and even deletes the backup data, making recovery impossible. We came to the conclusion that the only way to protect backup data is to store backup data on an Immutable Volume. Accordingly, we are providing our customers with a secure backup solution that combines Veritas BackupExec with 'CentOS Rocky with Immutable XFS' provided by Splentec."

H.R Park,
Saemteo Inc.

"A provider of SIEM solutions, we need to ensure the integrity of large volumes of logs collected to comply with various legal regulations. External Immutable Storage is too expensive to introduce, so customers are burdened with too much cost. Since our solution runs on Oracle Linux, by introducing 'Oracle Linux with Immutable XFS' from Splentec, we can meet both cost and compliance"

S.M Lee, SecuLayer Inc.

"Gallup Korea, the most trusted polling agency in Korea, is required to ensure the integrity of various information collected through public opinion polls. In addition, it is also necessary to protect collected data and statistical data from malicious software such as ransomware. To achieve this goal, we are leveraging WORM storage based on Splentec's Immutable NAS OS."

Y.S Kim,
Gallup Korea

Explore Our Pricing Options

So far, only Trial License and Free License are provided for solutions. We plan to announce the Paid License policy soon. Trial and Free License versions are sufficient to take advantage of our solutions in a variety of ways.

Get Ready to Maximize Your Data Security & Compliance With Our Immutable Storage Solutions

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